Nutrition programs & Customized food;

- Therapeutic nutrition
- Losing weight 
- Healthy lifestyle

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Who We Are

Healthy Choice, a company that provides healthy and delicious fast food; we use the nutrition guideline 'my plate' to prepare our special lunch box. The standers for my plate is to eat variant nutrition in your plate, to reduce sugar, salt and fats all of that with calculated calories under the supervision of a dietitian. We provide our meals for individuals such as students and employees, or as catering for meetings and training. We believe that healthy food is not for diet or sick people it is a lifestyle for everyone to live healthier with no diseases, what are you waiting for to start??

Vegetable Garden
Fruit Market
Fresh Vegetables in Basket
Fresh Organic Vegetables
Fresh Green Beans
Farmers Warehouse

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Sat - Thuresday : 9am - 6pm
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Amman Jordan


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